The Autobiography of a Fat Bride – Laurie Notaro

I stand by my assessment of the last book I read (The Potty Mouth at the Table) saying that it was crass and unfunny…. It simply did not have the “pee-my-pants” laughter that it promised..

With that being said, The Autobiography of a Fat Bride did in fact make me laugh out loud numerous times. There were so many parts that I just absolutely loved. Although there were still a few heavy uses of the “R-word”, I found this book much more enjoyable. Aside from that, it proved that I’m not the only person who suffers through laughable/mortifying adventures in my every day life. I realized that Notaro and I have more in common than previous thought.

There was a little something in each chapter that was humorous. Here are a couple of my favorite chapters:

The Craft Toothbrush, Tiger Woods Doesn’t Know Where I Live, Red Mice, the White Noise, White Soap, and Man Desire: Marriage Advice from Two Mean Girls, and the Hands of Death.

This book was much more “my style”. I’ve been told I have a “comedic” personal life, and I can see a reflection in so many of the chapters that Notaro wrote. If you love food, have a big ass, and scuff at normal human interactions, this book will probably be enjoyed by you as well. Even if you have none of those attributes, you should read this book!


PS: Do you own this book? Mine came with a sticker in the front addressed to Susan from Laurie Notaro- does yours also have that sticker?


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