In a Dark, Dark Wood – Ruth Ware

My dearest fellow BB (Book Bugs)-

A rowdy hello to you all out there in the interwebs! As always, I hope this week is treating you very well! Or, at least, I hope it is treating you better than mine has treated me! Boo for long, slow weeks.


I just completed a reading of In a Dark, Dark Wood written by Ruth Ware. Coming from a murder-mystery genre, it isn’t normally in my stack of TBR, but I saw the title on B&N’s website and it peaked my interested. (Sorry, Ware, I still only rented the copy from my local library to see if it was my cup of tea for purchase…)

Alright, so this story is about Nora (Leonora, Nora for short…) Shaw. After a major falling out with an ex and some friends 10 years past, Nora finds herself on the receiving end of a “hen” (read: Bachelorette) party invite for one of those gal-pals- Clare. Despite not knowing Clare was even engaged, she agrees to going. She regrets that decision when she wakes in the hospital, knowing something terrible happened, but no memory of the events.

So, this novel is a somewhat bumpy ride. Murder-mysteries don’t always tickle my fancy… I often find myself comparing them to other murder-mysteries I’ve read.. This one, I compared a lot of it to Girl on a Train by Paula Hawkins… Which isn’t a fair comparison since GoaT was so good (it’s hard to live up to very good)! This debut novel for Ware was decent- don’t get me wrong! It was a quick read and kept you pulled into the story. I just am not sure that I liked the character draw up very well. I suppose that Ware wrote all the characters in a similar fashion as Gillian Flynn…. by that I mean, I really struggled to find something endearing about most the characters… Nina was probably my favorite with her sarcasm, but also with her tenderness- but even she said some harsh words and had little build up to credibility in character. I just wouldn’t see someone of her character ever forgiving Clare for outing her in school, therefore I’d never see her conceding to go to the hen. Flo’s character was BONKERS. Seriously, how did anyone in the house put up with her crazy?

One of the most important things I think Ware missed was the fact that, since they all went shooting, it would have been fresh in their mind to ALWAYS check a gun- regardless if you “KNOW” it’s unloaded… That is the first thing taught everywhere! Never take someone else’s word for it. ALWAYS CHECK THE GUNS, PEOPLE!!


All in all, this book was a good read. Not one on my long reading list, but still kept me entertained for a couple of days. Now I must ask– Have you read this book?


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