The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo – Amy Schumer

Guten Tag, meine Lieblinge!

I had a busy reading weekend- 2 books finished! The first was The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer. I had really high expectations for this book being an over-the-top, laugh-out-loud funny memoir… In that sense, I was mildly disappointed. It had it’s moments of hilarity, but over all, this book took on a very somber message.

There was one part that I absolutely was cracking up at! My absolute favorite part of this book took place on page 261, where Schumer is retelling the story of her blacked out antics (told to her by her boyfriend). After taking Ambien, smoking weed, and drinking wine, Schumer begins doing ridiculous things, like using butter as if it was guacamole. After much ado, her boyfriend Ben is able to get her into bed, where she takes all pillows for herself and lays her head on the pillows “like the princess and the pea”. When Ben points out to her that he gets two of the four pillows she replies “Not tonight, motherfucker!” The whole scene had me dying laughing.

I can say, solidly, that the rest of this book is very somber, with little humor. In fact, in multiple cases, I felt very, very sad for Schumer and her family. She didn’t hold back on sharing any family shame in this book. I was happy at the end that she was building barriers between her and her mom. It may sound sad, but they definitely needed a buffer. It was good that Schumer was able to at least see both her parents for who they truly are- humans that make mistakes.

Schumer also addressed bucket-loads of pressing current issues- Rape/Sexual Consent, Gun Violence, MS, Gender Inequality… that’s not even it! She brought up very, very important issues. Although it left no humor in her book, I felt that she sacrificed for a very good reason! These things needed said, and discussed. My heart broke for young Schumer “losing” her virginity… and also for her father’s fight with MS (or lack of for awhile). The whole gun violence chapter was necessary too. I would align my thinking with Schumer’s to say that I don’t think guns should be banned, but we OBVIOUSLY need more rigorous stipulations for whose hands guns can fall into. For example, in Indiana (my home state) all you have to do to get a permit for a lifetime carry license is fill out a form (includes a background check), pay a local fee, and get finger printed! No additional training whatsoever. I went through the process to get my permit- then immediately signed up for additional training classes, but it’s not mandatory! Having people out there, who are untrained, against people that shouldn’t ever be able to get a hold of a gun is setting up people for failure. We all can do better.

So, off my soap-box… Would I purchase this book again if I hadn’t already? Probably not. It was a great read, but it was just a bit too somber for my liking. I see tons of people on my social media pages constantly going on about these issues. I read to try to relax and take my mind off the world’s issues. Don’t get me wrong- these are very important issues and I’m happy Schumer is using her popularity to bring them into the light! I just would have held out on this book if I knew it didn’t have the humor I was hoping for.

So, have you read this book?


PS- My hometown is mentioned in this book! Bloomington, IN is mentioned within the center pages with the pictures! The Funny Bone as been renamed to “The Comedy Attic” and is a pretty rad place!! If you ever come through B-town, definitely check it out.


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