Diary of an Oxygen Thief – Anonymous

Hello, All!

I just finished up Diary of an Oxygen Thief written by Anonymous and I’ve got to say it took me WAY too long to read this (less than) 150 page memoir. Let me tell you why it took that long for me…. I HATED IT. Absolutely could not enjoy this book at all. The entire thing just made me confused and irritated. I literally had to stop 3 separate times within the first 70 pages of this book to check that it did have 5 star ratings out there. Here’s the kicker- it really does! This book is very highly praised… and I don’t understand why at all.

So, if you haven’t heard, this book is about some dude that is a complete ass. He’s a raging alcoholic who “enjoys hurting women” (mentally, not physically) at the beginning. His whole scheme is to make them fall in love with him, then crush their souls. He says cutting remarks, and does foolish actions. He states it likely stemmed from a unloving father and a touchy priest. Someone online said they felt he was “remorseful” for his actions towards women and I have to disagree. To me, he just seems to bask in the glory of being capable of hurting all these people. Since finishing the book, I can’t help but feel that he was bragging that he, too, was at some point as cold and calculating as Aisling. Speaking of, Aisling is who this story is about, actually. Her biggest sin was making him fall in love with her just so she could use him as a photo study for her photography project. Sure, she was a bitch for it… but really I couldn’t care less about that project. My one and only issue with her was that she attempted to give a recovering alcoholic a vodka drink. To me, that was her worst offense.

The entire story was so mind-boggling to me. Why is it that none of these characters were capable of looking objectively at their situation and demanding better from their abuser. Even more… why were these people not capable of removing themselves from being the butt of the joke. I guess maybe it’s because I do not have an issue with coming across as paranoid, but I didn’t understand why this guy never tried to talk to Aisling about his paranoia… Example being when they were out for dinner and the person at the table got a picture. He mentions that he notices Aisling’s and the “strangers” glances at each other… Why does he not bring it up right that minute? Not only that, but they all (him and his jilted ex-loves) look past the shittiest of comments. HOW?! I just couldn’t ever see myself allowing that shit to fly!


Anyway, I finished this book so bummed. It was not a “F. Scott Fitzgerald for the iPod generation” as Richard Nash described. Someone online said it was an “alcoholic Holden Caulfield”… That was more accurate than Fitzgerald, but still off… because in the end, this character was just terrible. Down to it, he was a jerk that only set out to “best” another person at a so-called game. There was no ending revelation; no smoke clearing from the situation. He just wanted to get the words out before Aisling was able to make him look a fool. Which is ridiculous, because I still think he’s a fool.

So- have you read this book? Perhaps you can shed some light onto the facts as to why this book is a 5-start rated on multiple book sites!

Since the character from this book is supposed to be from Ireland, I’ll leave you with an Irish goodbye:

-”                                                                   “


2 thoughts on “Diary of an Oxygen Thief – Anonymous

    • lorannkay says:

      Hi there- It’s been a little while since I read this book. I, obviously from my review, was not a huge fan of it- and because of that, I never purchased it. I’m not able to tell you the exact page where Aisling is first brought up. You may be able to find that information from review forums or from a person that owns it. Best of luck!


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