Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – J.K. Rowling

Hello Book Worms!

I just managed to finish up HP and the Goblet of Fire written by J.K. Rowling. I have to say, originally, movie-wise, this one is my favorite of the HP series. As I read along, I’m also re-watching the movie series to compare. I have to say, originally while reading, I thought the movies were very similar… but now that I’m re-watching them, I can’t help but to notice some of the major misses! Nevertheless, I do still really like them all!

So, going back, HP and the GoF- it was really good! Of course this book is over 700 pages long, so it’s one of the longer novels I have personally read… and again, Rowling manages to keep the entire book entertaining! Not once did I feel like it was dragging on or boring. There was A LOT that happened in this book, so I’m going to break it down into most important smaller matters:

  • -The wizard cup… obviously full of interesting happening. My biggest question was why Krum caught the snitch prematurely in the game… I don’t recall the book addressing that?
  • – The Triwizard Tournament…
    • Ron was really getting on my nerves with his adolescent behavior towards Harry. His jealousy was ridiculous to me. Very, very childish!
    • The first task was interesting… I don’t have much comment about it otherwise.
    • The second task has always been my favorite (even in the movie!). I love the merpeople! They seemed very noble in the book.
    • The last task was interesting. Obviously, it was much easier for HP than the others because *someone* was ensuring he would get to the cup, but still there were challenging things that happened to him.
  • The rebirth of Voldemort. Talk about an interesting meeting… I loved that he named names in front of Harry and that Harry was able to repeat those to others back at Hogwarts. It is interesting to me that those of kin to the Death Eaters are continually allowed to return to Hogwarts.
  • I’m very interested in Neville’s story now that we know more about his family.. Since I already know where it is going with the entire series, it would be cool to hear more before it gets to that big moment.
  • It was interesting to me, in the memory flashbacks, that Crouch Jr. was begging his father to believe he hadn’t done it. The portal of the scene made me really believe he hadn’t done it…. I would be interested to know if he truly did or not take part in the torturing of the Longbottoms, or if being in Azkaban made him turn resolutely to the Dark Lord. It is obvious by the end that he was in connection to Voldemort (by the questions he asks Harry while he is still Mad-Eye), but I still can’t help but wonder if he wasn’t as involved as the others.

Final questions- will there be more to happen with S.P.E.W.? I’m on the fence about how to feel about the treatment of house-elves… Perhaps they should be offered pay and freedom if they so want it… otherwise, let them be? Also, I thought it very unusual that Hermione kept Rita Skeeter as a prisoner. That was very unusual that she wouldn’t have followed the rules (the law, really) and turned Rita over for the activity she was doing…. Very odd indeed. Lastly, I saw a handful of times, a sweet/tender moment with Fred and Hermione. I just read recently that Rowling was considering having them end up together but in the end, we all know who Hermione ends up with ( ;] ). It was nice to see these moments between the two… Honestly, I don’t think I would have minded to see them together in the end.

One major complaint that I have about the book v. the movie… Although I have yet to re-watch HP and GoF, I do distinctly remember that the movies had the 2 outside schools as a boys school and a girls school, not unisex. The book clearly has both being unisex, so I’m curious as to why they made this change. It was unusual to me that the directors or movie writers thought this important enough to change…

Anyway, #5 is next up on the list. Until then, I will continue trying to watch the movies and keep blogging away with my silly opinions.






Almost forgot! Since Crouch Jr was posing as Mad-Eye, what do you think he said to Neville the day he held him back in class??? How interesting it was that the man accused of torturing the Longbottoms held their son back in class to offer (so it seemed) comfort to him. I’m anxious to see if that is ever addressed also.

2nd Edit-

I am so pissed. Like I said, I’ve been watching the movies as I read… I watched 4 last night and it was so removed from the actual book! How did they get away with that??? 100 points to J.K. Rowling and her book and None for Gretchen Wieners (aka the Movie).


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