Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – J.K. Rowling

Hiyah, Book Fiends!

About once a year, I take a big vacation! Generally, it’s about a week to 10 days long, and I try to get out of the country and experience new cultures. This year, I sailed from NYC, NY., to St John, New Brunswick and Halifax, Nova Scotia, both in Canada! It was a lovely time; truly, both are beautiful and historical locations. I highly suggest others to travel there if you haven’t before.

Anyway! While I take these great vacations, I attempt to knock-out as many books as possible from my reading lists! This vacation was no different. I took with me 10 books (not kidding…. and it was a 5 day vacation… but I had high hopes). Little did I know that HP and the OotP was going to take me ALMOST MY WHOLE VACATION! You might not know, but I am a crazy slow reader. I painfully absorb a million things happening during the course of the book and it slows me down significantly. This book is the first truly “long” novel of the HP series. It clocks in at 870 pages! Typically, I read books with around 300 pages, so I just keep telling myself I ready 3 whole books with this one!! Haha.

I really loved this HP! It was so good. Obviously, Rowling continued to write wonderfully like she always does! It was put together with such ease and with a wonderful flow. It’s so hard to *not* be sucked into the HP world when reading.

So, if you haven’t read this one.. it begins with Harry and Dudley being attack on the street by 2 dementors. After necessarily using magic to fight them off, Harry is sent a letter of possible expulsion, and a notice of trail to speak to him about his magic use outside of Hogwarts. From there, he learns of the Order, which happens to also contain his God Father, Sirius! After learning a bit of information from them, and after being cleared at the trail (thanks in part to Dumbledore!), Harry is allowed to return to Hogwarts (yay!)! So, from there, we begin to experience the usual HP nonsense- his scar hurts, he starts having weird dreams, school as usual… etc. A new twist to the school year is (like usual) a new Defense Against the Dark Arts taught by Umbridge (appointed my Ministry of Magic). She uses her powers to report back to Fudge about the workings of the school (Fudge is paranoid that Dumbledore wants his job because Fudge is dumb). She is an evil woman and uses her powers to be a complete bitch the whole 1st semester. Because she refuses to teach actual use of DAtDA (defense against the dark arts), Harry and a few others decide to start a “study group” to practice DAtDA in secrecy and name is Dumbledore’s Army. They are outed by a fellow member (who is jinxed thanks to Hermione!). With no other option, Dumbledore takes the heat for the group and resigns as Head Minister of Hogwarts, leaving Umbridge to take over. From there is chaos! Fred and George wreck the school with a few great tricks, but Umbridge blames Harry and continually tries to get him expelled.

All the while, Harry is having terrible nightmares and visions where he is in the Ministry of Magic. Eventually this leads him to believe his God Father is being tortured there! After him and Hermione shake Umbridge (thanks Centaurs!), they, and a few classmates, rush the ministry to try to save Sirius. There, they are met with many Death Eaters and Voldemort himself! A few cool action scenes and one tragic death later, Harry and the school mates are saved by the Order! Harry gets a TON of answers from Dumbledore when they are finally back at Hogwarts safe, and we the readers get ready for the next book!

Major points-

  • I HATE DOLORES UMBRIDGE. No joke, she is the devil. Truly a despicable person. Ready to use the forbidden curses just to protect her own ass. She is the true definition of an evil woman.
  • I could see and read the softening of Snape in some of the chapters… that was until HP saw his memories. Since I’ve seen the movies, I obviously know what is coming… but still, he can be such a jerk.
  • I couldn’t believe how dense HP is when it comes to girls, or how terrible Cho was! You can definitely tell they are supposed to be teens. Geez! So moody!!
  • Huge happenings with Neville and his whole family! Finally, Ron and Hermione know about Neville’s parents as well! It was so sad to see Neville’s sadness/anger throughout the book (hospital and facing Bellatrix) Can’t wait to see more!!

It’s scary to me how closely this book represents the real world! With all the politics and people just working to protect their own asses instead of working towards fighting the true evil! It’s nuts…

This one has probably been one of my more favorite books so far. So much going on, but STILL Rowling is good to us with plenty of details and connections! Can’t wait to read the next one!!



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