People I Want to Punch in the Throat – Jen Mann

It’s Wednesday, y’all.

I just finished up People I Want to Punch in the Throat written by Jen Mann last night, and it is hilarious! Seriously, I enjoyed every part of this book. I felt like I really connected to Mann in certain parts of the book, which made it all that more enjoyable for me. For example, I am constantly worried about being murdered by dates (at least, when I was going on them- now I just have to be suspicious of my one and only man, Greg). Also, I feel like I would definitely be raising my kids (if I had some) like her and “the Hubs” do – read as: mildly annoyed with perfect parents and constantly just trying to get to the relax times.

Although I loved all the chapters in this book, I really liked the “Sleepover is not a party theme! And other stupid things suburban moms complain about”. I feel like the conversation she wrote was slightly exaggerated (I don’t think the Step-ford wives would openly talk about their boob jobs haha) but I feel like I hear stuff like that all the time around my town. “Perfect parents” constantly complain about things that shouldn’t be that big of a deal (like teachers giving out homework!) Plus, it really is ridiculous that there are so many parties now-a-days for the dumbest stuff! It’s nuts haha.

Anyway, if you read my blogs often, you know I don’t do well to critique and examine books that are “autobiography” types… how can I judge their life happenings? I will judge and say that this book is well written and a super fun read! Front to back, it is quick and quirky! I would definitely suggest this book to my friends!!

Have you read this book??



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