Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – J.K. Rowling

Well, here it is you guys…. my final HP review. I am *so sad* to have finished this series… I’m sure this will be a bit longish for some (my tags alone hit 65!!), but here goes my take:

Please note, in past I have left out the major spoilers as to not give away the good parts. I won’t be doing that on this review/summary. Although I’m sure the majority of the population has read or seen HP, some have not so I find it respectful to include this *SPOILER ALERT* to warn off those who live for the surprises!

As a refresher- at the end of the last book, Harry accompanied Dumbledore to the cave to retrieve a horcrux, which weakened him greatly. Unbeknownst to them, the locket they discovered was actually fake… They now have a fake horcrux in which R.A.B. has left a message with intent to destroy the genuine one.

Returning to HP and TDH, we are in what should have been Harry, Ron, and Hermione’s final year at Hogwarts… But, due to a major death of Dumbledore in the last book, they skip out on returning to the school. Instead, they agree to begin their journey searching for horcruxes using items left to them in Dumbledore’s last Will and Testament (Harry-snitch, Ron- Deluminator, Hermione-book of tales). They plan this “adventure” to begin after Harry’s birthday (to come of age and break the trace he has on him) and after Bill and Fleur’s wedding. During the wedding, Harry finds out more information about Dumbledore that he was never informed about prior… this makes him question how well he really knew Dumbledore before his death. They also find that the Ministry of Magic has fallen to the dark side during the wedding. Harry, Ron, and Hermione quickly ditch the party to seek protection, where they are found after their use of the word Voldemort. After this close run in, they seek shelter at Grimmauld Place, which is still protected despite Snapes close relations with Voldemort. It’s there they find who R.A.B. is (Sirius’ brother, Regulus) and after talking with Kreacher, discover that the locket was stolen (intact)  by a thief, and then again stolen from the thief by Dolores Umbridge!

H, R, and H think of a plan to break into the MoM to steal back the locket. They discover that Umbridge is *wearing* the locket, they somehow manage to get it and break free, but in doing so, they accidentally reveal the location of Grimmauld place to one the the MoM henchmen, thus making it unsafe to continue to reside there. From there, they keep no continued location, moving constantly. They also all take turns wearing the locket after they find that it makes the person wearing it more rude and irritable. After one nasty row, Ron decides to leave Harry and Hermione.

H & H carry on trying to find ways to destroy the one horcrux they have and find more at various locations. For various reasons, they decide to go to Godric’s Hollow for more clues, where they meet with Bathilda Bagshot. They follow her home in hopes to learn more about Dumbledore, and in hopes she will have the item (the sword of Gryffindor) that will destroy the locket. Turns out, it was actually Nagini disguised as Bathilda. Hermione and Harry barely escape, but at the cost of his wand, which broke during their fight to get away.

Things turn around for them when a doe patronus appears in the woods they are camping in and it leads him to the sword, which in stuck under ice in a frozen pond. Harry, after jumping in to get the sword, is nearly killed by the locket as it attempts to strangle him in the water… He is only barely saved by Ron, who was able to find them using the Deluminator. Ron then uses the sword and they destroy the first of their found horcruxes.

They decide to put more effort in searching for meaning behind the gifts Dumbledore left, which includes the tales in the book Hermione was given. They decide to go to Xenophilius Lovegood (Luna’s dad) to ask about a symbol he was seen wearing during the wedding that reappeared within the book Hermione had. This is where they learn of the 3 items death had given (the cloak, the Elder wand, and the stone) that allows a person to beat death…. Harry believes that Voldemort is looking for the Elder wand to use it to defeat Harry. While they are there discussing it, Lovegood calls the henchmen on them. (They find out that Luna was taken due to the support Xenophilius was giving Potter, and this was Xenophilius’ attempt to get his daughter back). They (barely) escape capture again… only to be captures by “snatchers” and taken to the Malfoy Manor (where Voldemort is supposed to be staying at the time. When there, Bellatrix notices that sword ( that is supposed to be in her vault at Gringotts) and tortures Hermione to find where they stole it from. Harry calls for help using a broken mirror that Sirius left him, and Dobby SAVES THE DAY and RESCUES HARRY POTTER AND HIS FRIENDS from the mansion. During their escape, Dobby the elf is MURDERED by Bellatrix (BECAUSE SHE IS A BITCH!!). Dobby died a free elf, and that is really all that is important.

From that encounter, H, R, and H determine that there is another horcrux being protected in Bellatrix’s vault! Using a saved goblin from the Malfoy manor, and some Polyjuice potion, they manage to break into the vault. Despite a dragon that was protecting it, and jinxes and curses that made the metal burn flesh and double in numbers when touched, they managed to get the gold cup that was Hufflepuff’s . They narrowly escape capture by flying a DRAGON OUT OF THE BANK! WHHHHHHAT!!!?

After this encounter, Harry has a Voldemort-vision that tells Harry that V now knows he is hunting horcruxes, and Voldemort thinks carelessly of the location of the unknown one (a ravenclaw item) as Hogwarts. The gang knows they have to return to search the castle. With the help of Dumbledore’s brother, Harry and the gang get back into the school and are assisted by Dumbledore’s Army (YAY NEVILLE!). Soon, all kinds of support is filling the school, under aged kids are taken out, and the war is about it begin.

After briefly describing the possible last item they need to find, it is suggested the the ravenclaw diadem is the last horcrux. Seeing a statue with the diadem makes Harry realize he had seen this item in the Room of Requirement when it changes into a room to hide items! He, Ron, and Hermione set out (Note, Ron and Hermione had taken off alone to go to the chamber of secrets to get the fangs from the dead basilisk to destroy any remaining horcruxes… and they damaged the cup of gold that was a horcrux! Yay, another down!) to the RoR to find the diadem. There, they run into Malfoy and their gang… Trouble ensues, but they escape, saving Malfoy and Goyle, but Crabbe dies in a nasty fire he set. But, another horcrux down! That left the stupid snake.

During the war, a good number of people are killed, including Lupin, Tonks, and Fred. Legit tears were spilled in this part of the book. During a vision, Harry finds that Voldemort is in the shrieking shack. He believes the wand is not performing for him properly because he needs to kill the previous owner (who, he thought, was Snape since he killed the last known winner, Dumbledore)… Harry, Ron and Hermione watch Snape die. Snape offers Harry his memories…. the fighting is paused as Voldemort now thinks that his wand will outpower any and he calls upon Harry to give himself up so no more die. Using his one hour that Voldemort has given, Harry watches Snape’s memories and finds that he has spent his whole life in love with Harry’s mother. All his actions in life were meant as a sign of his true love for her, even protecting the boy she died for. He protected Harry when Harry didn’t even know. He may have been a total ass, but he still cared for Harry in his own way… Harry also learns from the memories that he, too, is a horcrux and he must die in order for Voldemort to ever fall… V SAD.

With this knew knowledge, Harry decides to not let the fighting ensue. He marches out to field to meet Voldemort. On the way, he tells Neville about Nagini and to kill her if he gets the chance… Realizing he still has the snitch, Harry whispers to his snitch he is ready for death and it opens to reveal the final piece of the Hallows (the stone that will bring back the dead..). Harry turns it thrice in his hands before meeting Voldemort unwanded, where he is murdered!

During death, Harry has an enlightening conversation with Dumbledore were he finds that, although he was murdered, he is not truly dead. In actuality, Voldemort has just personally destroyed his “unintended horcrux”. Believing to have finally won, Voldemort returns to the castle to brag, not knowing that Harry is really alive… As he brags, he carelessly allows his Nagini to drift too far, where Neville kills her with the sword of Gryffindor he pulls from the sorting hat. Harry shows himself as alive after the final horcrux is destroyed and the final battle begins!

Molly Weasley kills the SHIT out of Bellatrix (YASSS), and Harry breaks the news to Voldemort that he is in big trouble now! Not believing this, Voldemort attempts to use a Killing curse, which backfires and he is murdered by his own hand. Harry uses the wand to repair is own and vows to return the wand to Dumbledore’s tomb, and vows to never try to retrieve the stone from the woods. All is right in the world!

The epilogue is cool and all, but it definitely wasn’t the crown to this book in my opinion. It’s nice to know they all grew up and married the ones they knew to love, and had cute kids, but it wasn’t the highlight of the book for me.

WOW! I can’t believe you stuck that out. GOLD STAR FOR YOU IF YOU ARE STILL READING THIS!

J.K. Rowling is truly genius.I can’t even describe how much I loved this series. The movies are ok, but they are nothing compared to these books. Truly, utterly magical. They are brought together in a way that is insane to me… and I loved it. Every single minute of it. Really, if you haven’t read these books, DO. DO IT RIGHT NOW. Literally, my only complaint would be WHAT HAPPENED TO HERMIONE’S PARENTS!!?? Was she ever able to go back for them and clear her charm?

Otherwise, there was nothing about this book that didn’t leave me happy! Don’t get me wrong, I was sad with character deaths, but I was not upset by the time the book was finished.

As for the movies, I was really disappointed at some of the changes they tried to make… example they wrote for Harry and Hermione to have a “moment” after Ron bailed and I was like, WTF. NOOOO.

Anyway, you all should definitely read these books. The movies will never again be enough. The book is KING.

So please, do share, what do you think of the Harry Potter books? Are they your favorites??

Thank you all for sticking with me as I read through these books! They were so much fun, I have no regrets. I will say that I was sorted into Hufflepuff, and my patronus is a cat! Thanks Pottermore! Haha.


Happy Friday, friends!




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