The Nest – Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney

*~*~*Finally*~*~* I have finished this book… Please understand my exasperation when I say “what. in. the. actual. frick. was. this.” I did not enjoy this book.. and to just state it like that is a huge understatement. It is on it’s own level of not liking. At the beginning of the year, I read Groff’s Fate and Furies and I didn’t like that book, but at least could appreciate the thought process, and the intelligence that went into it. This…. This book, The Nest, is a mess… A thoughtless mess, if you ask me. Here is why I think this…

Why don’t we start with the absolute lack of grammatical knowledge Sweeney seems to have. I legitimately could NOT understand how this book (a book rated with almost 4 WHOLE stars on Goodreads?!?) starts with a MASSIVE run on sentence. I can not even stress my annoyance when I had to re-read it four times to get the full picture of the paragraph. I don’t mean it was a slightly long sentence… This paragraph is a staggering 11 lines long, with probably a minimum of at least 8-10 words a line. I’m serious. Perhaps this was a cry for help? I can only assume any author (or editor) that allows this to publish is actually in a dire situation and sending S.O.S. to their readers.

Then you move to the jumbled story line and character list. This story is focused around 4 brothers and sister of the Plumb family… but you also get insight to like 10 other characters and their lives. Let’s just focus on the Plumbs right now:

-Leo is a complete and utter douche-canon. Due to Leo’s careless and senseless actions, he costs all his siblings very large payments from what they all call as “The Nest” (a trust fund their father had set up for them). The entire book is about his siblings trying to get repayment for this, and Leo being a huge disappointment. He is what I would call a waster of perfectly good oxygen.

-Jack, who is just as ridiculous and careless as Leo, risks everything he has because he believes the payout from the nest will save his ass. Jack is not over doing illegal things for money, and is a selfish jerk.

-Melody, much like Jack, banks majorly on the payout of the nest and is distraught after learning the truth. She spends and spends and spends when she doesn’t have the money, and it seems she does this for appearance.

-Beatrice was the only character I remotely cared for of the family. She is a strained writer (because this book is chalk-full of very cliche situations) who was famous for writing stories about Leo. She takes the whole book to “discover her energies” to “reawaken her zeal” or some crap like that. She was the only one in the group that didn’t fall apart because of money. Still, she, like the rest of them, was very shallow.

You also have smaller time characters, like Melody’s twins (and we have to suffer through their existential crises), and Stephanie (Beatrice’s last editor and Leo on/off again lover), and Tommy O’Toole (who shouldn’t have even made an appearance in this book)… Along with all of their significant others, the siblings mother, the girl Leo permanently damaged plus her lover, and so many other useless, useless characters. It was draining… so draining.

At the end, I could have liked Stephanie. She was in the running for my favorite of all these terrible characters.. but then she was getting rid of the gifts that everyone got for her kid. Seriously, what is wrong with these people???

Speaking of the end, I was so frustrated with the ending… Honestly, can’t even talk about how disappointed I am with it. This whole book could have been wrapped up if Sweeney had actually written about Leo’s true home coming, and not just some blip about him in the far future. Sweeney failed us so hard with this ending, I couldn’t bare it. We finish not even knowing if he ever got what he truly deserved.


This book honestly could have been so much better. I like the story line.. but the handling of each character’s distress and downfall was messy. How am I expected to be able to enjoy any of the characters when the chapter is like that 4 pages long and jumps back and forth between such insignificant characters? Seriously, what a disappointment.

Have you read this book?? Please, Please explain to me where the 4 star rating comes from?? Also, does anyone want to buy this book from me? only $10 and it’s a hardback! Haha.


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