Maus – Art Spiegelman

Over the weekend I also read Maus, a graphic novel by Art Spiegelman. In Maus, Art retells interviews of his father about the Holocaust. I read the first of the two Maus volumes. In this tale, Vladek (Art’s father) mostly discusses his, Anja (Art’s mother), and her family’s evading capture. The story for this ends with them all being caught and sent to camp, which I assume the next book will cover.

This book is tragic is so many ways. The most obvious being the Holocaust and the necessity for these people to be in hiding. How tragic is was that so few people stood up for others during this time. The second tragedy was Anja and her depression. It is painfully obvious throughout that she struggled in so many ways. If this situation was happening in real life, I would think that I would be very much like Anja in that way. Scared, and having difficulty coping. I also felt terrible for Mala, who Vladek remarried after Anja took her own life… this poor woman was living with a man that was unwilling to show any appreciation or care for her. He obviously was still caught up on Anja, but emotionally he was (IMO) abusive to his newer wife. Not to say she was perfect, but she was a touch of a nag, but who isn’t? Mala also experienced the Holocaust, but her story isn’t shared at all.

This was my first ever graphic novel/comic strip that I’ve read. I enjoyed the layout of the book, and this was an EXTREMELY quick read. I look forward to getting the 2nd volume so I can complete the story. I would so far suggest the first to others.



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