Hello visitors!

First- thank you to all those that continue to visit my blog despite it being virtually dead for so long. I was very surprised to see so much traffic when I logged back in today. It’s been 2 years since I was actively book-blogging. Tragic. To think of all the books I could have been reading and talking about… but, like most people, life took me in other directions.

Here is some of what has been happening since my last book blog:

-I left my last “new job” within a year for my current position. It wasn’t a terrible place- but the pay wasn’t enough for the stress I was encountering. I can now safely say I’m at my most comfortable. My work culture is supportive and amazing. My pay is good. The benefits are great. My stress is down. It’s not as easy as some believe to “pull yourself up by the bootstraps”. I’ve put many, many hours into shitty jobs to get to this position. If you are struggling in your jobs- I encourage you to reach further. For your health and happiness, keep reaching.

-I ended my 9-year relationship. There were too few compromises left, so I had to go. It wasn’t easy, but I feel emotionally lighter. I struggled in a difficult relationship for way longer than I should have, so again I encourage you to step away from situations that no longer positively serve you.

-I bought a house!

-I bought a dog! My pup Otis is a golden retriever. He was born in 2017. If I’m being honest, I bought him when I was struggling, living on my own in my apartment. I wanted company, but my boyfriend of the time was unwilling to move in. Otis was an impulsive decision. I don’t regret buying him one bit. He has a head injury that gives him a mohawk, and he came to me like that. He’s the sweetest, most loving doggo I’ve known.

-I gave up on a lot of things. In early 2017, I wasn’t feeling happy. My relationship at that point was unstable. I don’t want to define what I was feeling as depression, because I don’t think I was depressed. I just lost complete interest in doing things I like. I quit reading, quit working out, and quit painting rocks (which, if you remember, were kindness rocks I placed all over my town!) I had worked really hard in 2015 to lose ~90 lbs, but I gained a lot of that back because I just lost the focus and willpower to do the things I needed to do to maintain. I’m slowly (very slowly) working to get back to owning my willpower. It’s hard and it’s slow, but it won’t come back on its own… so I might as well get focused.


So! I’m refocusing on my favorite things. Reading is one of them! I plan to devour as many books as I can this year! My first book of the year is Hunger by Roxane Gay. I’m so excited about this book- I can’t wait to review it for you guys after I finish it (probably today or tomorrow!)



So again, thank you all for stopping by. Thank you for continuing to be interested in what I think about books I’ve read. It means a lot to me.

-me, LK


Side Note (but still, very important):

I’m very aware that at least two of the authors for the books I’ve read and reviewed have been publicly accused of sexual misconduct of some kind. Junot Díaz and Aziz Ansari have been in the public light in the wake of the #metoo movement for their own accused sexual aggressions. I want to say that despite whatever thoughts I felt regarding their books, I am sickened reading the stories the women accusing them have shared. I think it’s important that we listen and give support to the individuals that come forward and share their uncomfortable and difficult stories. Further, I think it’s important to amplify those voices and send a clear, concise message to the perpetrators of these actions: sexual misconduct is not and will never be tolerated. You can not and will not escape the actions you do. Fame will not excuse you.. Money will not excuse you. And if the justice system can not give you what you deserve (@ Brock Turner and others of the like), then the public eye will keep you in the limelight of shame forever and ever- or so I hope. I encourage anyone reading my blogs to feel the same, and support individuals that come forward.



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