That’s me (Lorann Kay) in the picture above looking ridiculously nerdy on a vacation to Roatán, Honduras (circa 2015). Born in 1992 (in Bloomington, Indiana), I consider myself a “usual” 90’s kid in the sense that I’m in my 20s with no clue how this life thing works. I love the German language and continuously take study courses to attempt to master it (I have not succeeded yet). I have many hobbies, but the most important is reading! I love to read! Literally, any and all *interesting* books get my attention. Thank goodness for my local library- all the words with no (financial) commitment!

Sometimes (almost always) I finish a book and I just want to scream my opinions at random strangers!! “HAVE YOU READ THIS BOOK?” I sometimes yell at small squirrels as they run away, frightened. To save the local wildlife, I figured I’d yell at the Internet abyss instead! So….